Westport Homes Virtual Tours

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Westport Homes has created these Virtual Tours to give you a better visual understanding of the design and flow of our floor plans. To proceed, please click on the corresponding house plan below. Next, click on the green arrows to view the floor plan from various vantage points. Plans can also be viewed in a slide show format by scrolling to the bottom of the tour page and selecting an image. We hope you find the tours both helpful and convenient. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your tour!

Andover Andover
Ashland Ashland
Augusta II Augusta II
Barrymoor Barrymoor
Bristol Bristol
Campton Campton
Columbia Columbia
Coronada Coronada
Dakota Dakota
Denali Denali
Edgewater Edgewater
Evanston Evanston
Fairfield Fairfield
Fairmont Fairmont
Hawthorne Hawthorne
Heyden Heyden
Jackson Jackson II
Lafayette Lafayette
Madison Madison
Melbourne Melbourne
Monterey Monterey
Montgomery Montgomery
Oxford Oxford
Savannah Savannah
Turnberry Turnberry
Waverly Waverly
Winchester Winchester